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Landscape Lighting is a superb way to accent the details of your home and yard in the evening. Kichler Lighting is the leader in LED technology, low voltage and line voltage. Kichler knows the ins and outs of lighting both residential and commercial locations. While the details of these projects will vary, the first step in designing for the night is to know what architectural details or plantings you want to feature. Kichler has exclusively the VLO, Variable Lumen Output fixture so the amount of light being seen is just right.

Sample Bill of Materials for Above Project

KICHLER offers a wide variety of new products with many advancements that are engineered to provide specific functionality in a low voltage LED landscape lighting system. The selection of lights includes, path-lighting, spot-lighting, hardscape lighting, as well as, fence post, deck, step  and well lights. Each one with an inherent task.

Within each of these styles of landscape lights there are options that can modify the fixture to make it best for its placement in the scene.


When the team at EZS helps with a landscape lighting design in New York or New Jersey we find that spotlights work best in several applications that call for uplighting. Trees and shrubs burst onto the nighttime scene when spots are mounted on the ground and aimed where the light makes the most sense in the design. The same holds true when grazing upward on a facade, a technique that makes the texture on the building pop.

Take the same spotlight and mount it in a tree and you have created a scene called moonlighting.  The light source is camouflaged in the canopy of the tree while there is the appearance of a moon beam on the ground. 

Well Lights  can provide a similar appearance as a spot except the well light is below the surface of the ground, which conceals the light source. Well lights can be used when the design calls for a clean unobstructed view of the final project. Well Lights are not the prettiest lights out there, but boy do they provide an amazing effect in every design they are used in. Well lights reduce glare which is tough on the eyes at night and cause the opposite of what we want to happen, people will look away from the project instead of at the project. LED technology has advanced the use of well lights in many types of projects.

Path Lights are for more than pathways and sidewalks. You can use these versatile luminaires in gardens to draw attention to a specific detail or planting. Path lights are the “pretty lights” and come in many decorative looks, style and finishes. Of course you want to make sure that you and your guests can see where they are walking and that is the original intent of this fixture. Cascading pools of light along an otherwise dimly lit walk.

Step Lights,  are a designers dream tool. Keeping steps lit not only provides dusk to dawn confidence, they add to the excitement of having a well lit garden space. Sometimes steps are left out or forgotten about causing an interrupting  darkness in the layout. This was also true of hardscaped areas until Kichler brought out low-profile lighting that inserts directly into the hardscape. This is a wonderful solution to dark patio areas or where a traditional light wont fit due to the stonework.

A favorite of those that enjoy outdoor entertaining in the evening is the Deck Light.  The Deck Light increases the ambiance of the space without the dangers of having open flame candles or dreaded glare. Just soft illumination that is perfect on the eyes and keeps the party going. 

The same deck lights can be mounted high upon fence posts to cause a downlighting effect that will subtly light the perimeter of a yard.

These applications focus directly on the landscape, but the truth is that we have increased our living spaces to include the outdoors. What better way to enjoy the outdoors than with light. We are not talking about a bare bulb in a nondescript holder. Kichler has outdoor living styles that can compliment your interior style or create and aesthetically pleasing juxtaposition. The outside of a home is for more than entertaining, with an explosion of outdoor kitchens in Long Island and Cape May, people have increased use of their outdoor spaces. Having the ability to enjoy these spaces into the evening adds versatility to the outdoors.

Of course laying out a landscape lighting or outdoor design project can be daunting to most people and that is why EZS Lighting with decades of hands on experience will help with your lighting design and we are confident to deliver every project on time due to the vast inventory resources of Kichler Lighting.

Whether your outdoor or landscape lighting design is for a home in Princeton, a commercial project on the Hudson or hospitality property in mid-town Manhattan, the EZS team has the skill and experience to provide you with the correct products suited for your landscape illumination dreams.