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Michael Estrin. CLMR

Outside Sales



I have been in the lighting industry for most of my adult life, owning this agency since 1993.  I grew up in a showroom environment working with family, then started representing manufacturers.  Helping distributors and manufactures is my passion and the passion of our team.  My focus is on working with and developing relationships with business owners, buyers, designers, specifiers, architects, inside and outside salespeople, counter and showroom salespeople: these people are what drives our business.  I am a former Chairperson of the American Lighting Association Board of Governors and have been heavily involved in the guidance of the lighting industry for years.  I am the Chairperson of the ALA PAC calling on Congressman and Senators in Washington every year!  We have received awards for our accomplishments with many of our vendor partners. We have been awarded Sales Agency of the Year from Kichler Lighting 5 times and have achieved this with most of our other manufactures’.  My personal awards given to me by my peers in the lighting industry include the 2018 ALA Pillar of the Industry.  I graduated from Bentley University in 1982 with an Accounting and Management Degrees.  My current passion is for my grandchild.  Such joy!

For more on my journey in the lighting industry please read it here “My Life in Lighting.”

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James Zirkman

Outside Sales



I joined Mike in 2012 and wear multiple hats in the EZS organization.  I’ve have been involved with the alchemy we refer to as lighting since the mid 1990’s.  My background includes product development, sales consulting, VP of sales and marketing, and running a commercial lighting department for an electrical wholesaler. Experience in the many facets of the business has come in handy and I enjoy being a resource for design firms, developers and contractors.  I’ve never viewed what I do as sales, but rather problem solving, and the reward for me has always been repeat opportunities from clients who see the value in a trusted and knowledgeable source. I am a member of DLF, IESNA and NEWH.

My roots are in NYC, (growing up in Queens and attending Bronx HS of Science) and came back to NY after graduating Duke University. My greatest joy is my son Garrett who is a sophomore in HS.   I am actively involved in soccer as a player, coach and trainer. Also enjoy hiking in the White Mountains, and golfing with our customers when time allows.

Joe Gallo. CLMR

Outside Sales



Joe is a third generation lighting guy who grew up in a lighting showroom. His Grandfather taught him how to wire a lamp at 5 years old and when he went to lunch the lamp sold. He was heartbroken until he was handed $20. He has been hooked on sales ever since, and got his BA in Business at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Joe has held jobs in all aspects of the lighting industry. He first opened up his own showroom and learned a lot through the rigmarole of retail sales. He has also worked in manufacturing, but really found his calling when he transitioned to pharmaceutical sales. There is no tougher sale then trying to get a doctor to switch prescriptions. After cutting his teeth in that industry as a representative, he returned to what he knew best: Lighting. With his newly-found rep skills he transitioned easily to the lighting industry. Joe truly has a passion for design and often lighting is very important part of the overall ambiance. This has never been more true today with the influx of L.E.D. Technology. There are so many variables that have truly changed the way we think of lighting, and it always changing with the next generation of L.E.D. products. Joe makes it part of his job to stay current and rely the information to clients as well as develop the report to be a go to resource for everything lighting. His favorite quote is: “Things may come to those who wait, but only those things left by those who hustle.”


Ralph Malavarca

Outside Sales



Ralph joined EZS in 2016.  He brings 20+ years of experience in the NY/NJ showroom and distribution side of the business primarily with Capitol Lighting as well as Circle Lighting. His expertise in merchandising and systems selling coupled with his experience as a buyer allows him to help maximize profitability for all of his customers. His appetite for learning coupled with his desire to build “relationships for life” makes him an important asset to EZS and what we’re trying to accomplish as an agency.  Ralph is being the person to contact for excellent/diligent results.

Ralph currently resides in Stewartsville N.J. with his wife Cristy and their six children, Ralph Jr., Carly, Jack, Samuel, Chloe + Sophia.  In his limited amount of spare time Ralph is an avid bowler, enjoys watching NFL football + listening to a wide variety of musical genres.

Ulysses Rosario

Outside Sales



Ulysses is a solutions based sales professional that is focused on forming strong business relationships with his customers and colleagues. His goal is to be your “easy button”. He has over 15 years’ progressive experience, with 10 of those years in the Lighting Industry, he has earned an ALA Lighting Specialist accreditation and has become a “bulb guru”.  He has excelled at leading, inspiring and motivating highly productive sales teams.  As well as having been recognized for developing key partnerships, winning new business, and expanding sales.  With an inquisitive mind and thirst for knowledge, he always strives to keep abreast of trends in and outside of lighting. This also leads him to push himself both mentally and physically. Through his many years of training Gracie Jiu Jitsu, he has learned to remain calm under pressure and to think his way out of problems.

Joe Gallo Estrin Zirkman New York Ricci Sales Agency

Joe (Pops) Gallo

Outside Sales



Joe Gallo (Pops) has been working in lighting since the age of two helping his father place bulbs on display.  Pops has witnessed the many changes in lighting but knows the way you approach a client is basic.
“Be friendly, polite, listen to customer questions, and keep your answers short.” While making the experience pleasant for the customer and always SMILE!
Having worked on the retail side of lighting in his own showroom until 1995 when Pops moved to the wholesale side of our industry.
Joe enjoys bringing products to dealers and helping them find the best solutions to optimizing their businesses.
Pops has many years on both sides of the lighting industry and has proven to be an asset to all that know him.