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Illuminate Your Outdoor Oasis with Kichler Landscape Lighting

As a passionate landscape lighting designer, I’ve always been captivated by the transformative power of lighting in outdoor spaces. The right lighting can create a magical and enchanting atmosphere, elevating the aesthetic appeal of any residence, and we will help you design it your way.

Among the numerous brands and products I’ve worked with, Kichler landscape lighting products for 30 years, and I have found they consistently stood out for their quality, versatility, and performance. 

In this blog, I’ll share my devotion to Kichler landscape lighting and explain how you can achieve various landscape lighting techniques and effects with their products. 


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The experienced landscape lighting design team at Estrin Zirkman Sales has helped create many dream outdoor lighting designs in various neighborhoods of New York and New Jersey.

One of the essential elements of a successful landscape lighting design is the use of high-quality transformers or DRIVERs, and Kichler’s range of transformers is truly impressive. 

They provide the perfect power source for outdoor lighting and ensure the lights perform optimally.

Now, let’s dive into some landscape lighting techniques and how to achieve them with Kichler lighting products:

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Uplighting is one of my favorite techniques to highlight trees, sculptures, or any striking element in your landscape. With Kichler’s extensive range of accent lights, like their spotlight series, it’s easy to create stunning uplighting effects. Place the lights at the object’s base and aim the beam upwards, creating a dramatic and alluring atmosphere.

Path Lighting:

Path lighting ensures the safety and functionality of your outdoor space. With Kichler’s decorative and functional path lights, you can create an inviting and charming walkway. The team at Estrin Zirkman Sales can help you find the perfect fixtures to complement your landscape and guide you through proper spacing to achieve a seamless look.



Silhouetting is a technique that emphasizes the shape and form of your landscape elements by creating a striking contrast against a backdrop. To achieve this effect, place Kichler’s floodlights or spotlights behind the object, aiming towards a wall or flat surface. Estrin Zirkman Sales can guide you in selecting the right fixture and beam angle to create the perfect silhouette.


Similar to silhouetting, shadowing creates a soft, diffused effect by casting shadows of your landscape elements

 onto a wall or other vertical surfaces. To achieve this look, place a Kichler spotlight in front of the object and angle it towards the surface where you’d like the shadow to appear. With the guidance of the experts at Estrin Zirkman Sales, you can create mesmerizing shadow effects that add depth and intrigue to your outdoor space.


Grazing is a technique that highlights textures and architectural features by placing a light source close to a wall or structure and shining the beam directly up or down the surface. 

Kichler’s accent lights or well lights are perfect for creating the grazing effect.

The team at Estrin Zirkman Sales can help you choose the right fixtures and positioning to emphasize your outdoor space’s unique features.

 In conclusion, Kichler Landscape Lighting offers a wide range of products that enable you to create breathtaking and functional outdoor spaces. Their transformers ensure optimal performance, while their diverse fixtures cater to various lighting techniques. 

With the help of the experienced team at Estrin Zirkman Sales, superior landscape lighting design can become a reality.

Happy illuminating!


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