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Linear lighting is versatile in its many applications and adds a touch of understated luxury to any space with its sleek design and discreet form factor. With their intuitive controls and impressive capabilities, linear luminaires offer the perfect lighting solution for all types of users.

Light up your world with AMERICAN LIGHTING’s Trulux Single Color Tape Light – a versatile and innovative lighting solution perfect for any project, big or small. Whether you’re illuminating a cozy corner at home or setting the stage for a grand commercial space, Trulux offers an array of options to suit your needs. From energy-efficient models to ultra-bright variants, and a range of color temperatures to create the perfect mood, Trulux ensures that your lighting is not just functional, but also a perfect fit for your unique space. Read on to discover the ideal Trulux lighting option for your next project.

Trulux Single Color Tape Light

Discover the perfect lighting for your space with AMERICAN LIGHTING’s Trulux wide range of tape lights. Whether you’re working on a small home project or a large commercial installation, Trulux has you covered. Choose from different light intensities (from 100 to 570 lumens per foot) and color temperatures (ranging from warm 2400K to cool 5000K). Plus, all options have a high color accuracy, ensuring your space looks welcoming and vibrant.

Standard Grade HD – 24V:
This new addition to the Trulux range shines brightly with up to 235 lumens per foot while being energy-efficient at just 2.2 watts per foot. Its flexible design allows you to cut it every 2.46 inches, so it fits your project perfectly.

High Output HD – 24V:
A step up from the original, this tape light is even brighter and more efficient. With closely spaced LEDs, it can be cut every 1.51 inches, offering a snug fit for any project.

Spec Grade:
For spaces that need a powerful impact, the Spec Grade shines the brightest with up to 525 lumens per foot. It’s ideal for large areas in homes or businesses and comes in various color temperatures.

Vega combines high brightness with a compact design. It offers intense light output like larger fixtures but in a small LED strip. The close diode spacing gives a smooth, continuous light that creates a cozy ambiance.

COB Tape Light stands out with its uniform lighting. It creates a seamless line of light without needing extra covers, making it great for areas with limited space or reflective surfaces, as it reduces glare and dotting.

Choose Trulux from American Lighting and Estrin Zirkman Sales for a lighting solution that fits your specific needs, whether you’re creating a warm home atmosphere or making a bold statement in a commercial space.