The 2020 AFX Supplement Hot Off The Press - Estrin Zirkman Sales        
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As an industry leader in decorative and functional LED lighting design, AFX has maintained our respected position in the lighting industry.

 AFX will continue to focus on enhancing the performance and quality of LED light in all of our products.

EZS along with AFX  brings versatile lighting solutions for a wide array of hospitality, commercial and fine residential applications.

Our products cover a wide range of design aesthetics to complement any architectural style.

Our 2020 supplemental catalog is available for immediate download. Just click on the image or here!


Some of the amazing fixtures you will find in the 2020 supplement are CADEN. This cylindrical luminaire has a delicate 2.5″ diameter tube and is available in 24″, 36″ and 48″ lengths. Giving you a design that has a visually unique juxtaposition.

Angularity in design spurs on curiosity and JAXX fills the bill. Available in three finishes, JAXX can add that design pop that architects and designers have demanded.