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The two videos below provide a hands-on look at LED landscape lighting for sales professionals seeking to increase their knowledge of low-voltage (12 volts) LED landscape lighting.

These videos provide details and instruction across a range of topics to sharpen your skills and become an expert in this field.

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In the second video that is:45 minutes long you will see the design and installation of an actual LED lighting system.

You will be learning best practices for how to layout the lighting design, and an explanation of fixture placement.

You will also see beam spread and lumen impact based on the LED fixture type you select.

Estrin Zirkman LED BEAM SPread

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10 degree led beam spread
35 degree beam spread LED

LED Beam Spread Examples

60 degree LED beam spread
Uplight LED beam spread

The Modern Rules Of Landscape Lighting Design

The question that is asked by many people that would like to add landscape lighting to their homes is; “Do I need a professional to layout and install my landscape lighting?” Here are the modern rules of landscape lighting.

Unlike other projects, electrical contractors and homeowners do not know what they don’t know about the nuances of landscape lighting design or the final appearance of the light at night. Without the benefit of past experience, walkways turn into airplane landing strips and the inviting look of the subtle illumination of a facade becomes a repelling glare that turns eyes away.

Landscape Lighting Installer

The lesson here is that saving a few dollars on the front end of this type of project will provide years of disappointment or the added costs of redoing the project from step one.

The proper selection and installation of landscape lighting on your property is a long-term investment that increases both the appearance of the property and the value. When landscape lighting is done properly from the start of the project, your home, and its gardens are provided beauty and security. 

When the landscape lighting bug hits, many homeowners will head to a big box store with the intent of buying what they need and then installing the lights themselves. The end result is a look that is not what they envisioned, the quality of the job is poor and so are the landscape lighting fixtures selected, and that goes double for solar-powered lights. The lights don’t have the power behind them yet illuminate the way that most people want it to look.

landscape lighting layouut

Focus On The Details:

Lighting a landscape goes far beyond placing lights randomly around the home, or dropping a few around the garden. The professionals at Estrin Zirkman Sales have the experience to interpret the requirements and details of each project. Very rarely are two projects the exact same.

With a firm understanding of the client’s desires and a layout of the property, the EZS team will design the lighting to enhance the space using specific fixtures, such as the KICHLER VLO series to create effects. 

The EZS team are the professionals in the New York & New Jersey area and are able to review various lighting options that include fixture type, proper color temperature, and the layout required to provide unique effects for the home while highlighting individual features.  EZS has the skill that morphs your lighting project from average to one that is highly polished and individually tailored.

We know that the warranty question will pop up so if you have asked; “What is the Warranty?” KICHLER Lighting offers a variety of warranties that you can read here, which includes a 15-year residential warranty and a 10-year commercial warranty both are available on all of our landscape lighting products; each one is designed to provide peace of mind to the specific end-user.

Estrin Zirkman specifies fixtures, drivers, transformers, and wire for use in their projects. Their decades of personal experience assures that the project will meet the high standard and expectations of the end-user. They also know the materials specified and supplied are durable and will tolerate various outdoor weather conditions and other less thought of impacts like bugs, pests, pets, and weed whackers. The EZS team is educated to understand electrical systems, power needs, and consumption. 

Sadly selecting landscape lighting from online or a big box store will not come with the knowledge to layout the project or assure that your landscape lighting will look good, hold up to the elements or have high-quality performance requirements needed to endure.

This is a sample of the project Estrin Zirkman worked on in Holmdel, New Jersey. One of the advancements with LED technology is that this project was lamped with forty-nine (49) individual fixtures and only required one (1) six-hundred watt transformer

This could never happen with old school halogen bulbed fixtures!

Satinless Steel 600 transformer landscape lighting

In-Ground Accent

Underwater Accent

Small Accent Light

Large Flood Light

Specifying the VLO landscape fixture means there will be UNIFORMITY in the appearance of the light’s effect. Uniformity in the illumination of the object is the difference between a lesser quality engineered product and a KICHLER Landscape fixture. This is directly related to the custom optics, delivering center-to-edge uniformity for clean and clear light definitions on the subject at each of the three (3) brightness levels. There will be no scalloping or halos which distract the eye and take away from the finished appearance. Superb optics ensures precise and uniform light delivery.

Another factor that separates the KICHLER Landscape products from all others is DURABILITY.

The VLO family has integrated, fully sealed, and encapsulated LED fixtures to keep all critical components protected against the elements. This protection extends to the all-important magnetic switch, which is kept safe from moisture and the elements.

We used 11 of the KICHLER 16019AZT30 at the locations indicated by the blue dot and We used 22 of the KICHLER 16016AZT30 at the locations indicated by the orange dot because they are time tested EZS favorites with a proven track record.  We used 16 of the KICHLER 15820AZT, a classic design, at the locations indicated by the Yellow dot. We selected this fixture because this style of path light is highly desirable by clients for its use and inconspicuous appearance.

LED underwater light for landscape estrin zirkman

VLO 2700K 12V LED Underwater Accent Stainless Steel

For those that would like to illuminate a water feature like a fountain or KOI pond, there is also a KICHLER VLO underwater LED fixture available. Ulysses did a product spotlight video that describes how to operate and utilize this fixture. You can find the video here

If you have gotten this far it is fair to guess you are interested in landscape lighting. The Estrin Zirkman Sales mission is to help and we have listed for you The Most Common Landscape Lighting Problems to Absolutely Avoid. There are 5 basic mistakes that are commonly made when purchasing and laying out landscape lighting;

Mistake # 1: Using the Wrong Light Fixture:

Mistake # 2: Too Few or Too Many Lights:

Mistake # 3: Selecting the Wrong Fixture:

Mistake # 4: Budgeting and Expansion:

Mistake # 5: Using Automation:

You can read more details on each of these five mistakes here.

If your interest is beyond information gathering we can provide details on the complete line of KICHLER Lighting products or if you need assistance with a landscape; lighting project, please contact an of the the Estrin Zirkman Representatives.