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Blink by SATCO LED Light panel in New York and New Jersey from Estrin Zirkman

LED lighting solutions feature BLINK from SATCO.  LED flat panels and small footprint luminaires are the best solution that New York Architects and Building Managers in New Jersey are searching for. When replacing fluorescent fixtures in drop ceilings or attaching them to a sheet rocked ceiling BLINK products are the best choice.

The Blink LED luminaires are easily installed by removing the current fixture and wiring the BLINK to the power source. BLINK can be mounted in multiple ways depending on your needs.

BLINK LED lights are designed to be an energy efficient replacement to fluorescent strip and troffers. The lumen output is exceptional while consuming less power while also lasting longer, reducing maintenance costs. LED light can operate for tens of thousands of hours spanning many years of regular use.

There are distinct advantages to utilizing BLINK LED flat panels; lower power usage and longer life while providing equal or higher lumen output. These LED BLINK advantages provide more for the user than the fluorescent lamps can offer. Also installation is quick and easy, and there is no mercury in the product or any other harmful substances, making disposal after years of use easy and without harm.

In New York and New Jersey EZS is the SATCO agent that has the full and complete resources to aid in any size project, residential, commercial or hospitality.

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