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We have had consumers and electricians both ask about fans with DC motors! The question they both ask?  

Why does the fan move forward and backward before it starts to rotate?

Well when the people of New York and New Jersey ask, we at Estrin Zirkman Sales answer the call. All DC motors start when a slight electrical current is passed through a magnetic field coil. The magnetic force produces the torque that turns the motor and is visible as the fan blades orientate themselves to the magnets. This movement of blades for orientation is unusual to see if you have always had an AC motor on your fan. This is a perfectly normal occurrence for fans with DC motors. This is because the DC motor uses an array of magnets of opposing polarity that creates a magnetic field that builds the torque needed to rotate the motor. This type of start up  requires less electrical energy, reducing the power consumption needed over older standard AC motors.

More Benefits.

There are benefits that must be addressed with the DC motor, first is is that they operate with 70% more efficiently than standard AC motors. DC motors also operate at a cooler temperature for a longer overall life, but that is not all.

DC Motors Have Torque!

Larger rooms mean larger fans and to turn those big blade spans effectively you need the torque supplied by the DC motor. Not to mention this motor is quiet, limiting the audible hum that can be heard with an AC motor as can be and light weight. These super energy efficient fans also look good too and are available in many styles, finishes and designs that fit every home or office. The only downside to a buying a fan with a DC motor is they are a little more expensive. This is due to the use of better and more expensive components.
Kichler ceiling fans manufacturer DC motor fans. These fans offer high efficiency DC motors and high fashion style. Many DC fans also feature LED lights, making them both energy efficient and Energy Star qualified.